Policy Documents

Please note these policies are currently being reviewed and updated; not all links are active.

Publication Policy This policy provides guidelines for the publication of the AuSCR data. DOWNLOAD
Data Security Policy This policy describes the AuSCR data security measures incorporated for the collection, use and access of data in accordance with legal, ethical and national best practice guidelines. DOWNLOAD
Data Access Policy This policy includes the criteria, conditions and limitations for data access, procedures to be followed when requesting data access and the fees for such access. DOWNLOAD
Data Custodianship Policy This policy provide guidelines and requirements of the Australian Stroke Clinical Registry Data Custodian. DOWNLOAD
Quality Assurance Data Management Processes Policy This policy provides guidance and processes on data management, data cleaning and regular audits of the AuSCR database. DOWNLOAD
Complaints Policy This policy provides guidelines for responding to and dealing with patient or staff complaints and other feedback associated with the Australian Stroke Clinical Registry (AuSCR). DOWNLOAD
Intellectual Property Policy This policy covers the permissions and ownerships regarding all the AuSCR intellectual property. DOWNLOAD
Outlier/Special Cause Variation Communication Plan This policy provides guidance for Outlier monitoring, investigation and reporting. DOWNLOAD
Statement on Consumer and Community Participation This policy provides information on how consumer participation in the Australian Stroke Clinical Registry is encouraged and managed. DOWNLOAD