Proposal Procedures

Any groups who would like to access Australian Stroke Clinical Registry data need to make a written application to the Australian Stroke Clinical Registry Research Task Group. The following are the criteria for approval of release of Australian Stroke Clinical Registry data:

  1. Appropriate background and rationale for project
  2. Appropriate study design
  3. Feasible timelines
  4. Appropriate level of statistical support
  5. Appropriate funding including provision for the cost of obtaining data from Australian Stroke Clinical Registry data set
  6. Study conforms to the original consent statement
  7. Clear level of protection of personal information
  8. Ethics approval granted
  9. Clear reporting process of results with appropriate acknowledgement of source of data
  10. Overall recommendation for data release, including any recommendations to the applicants
  11. Appropriate acknowledgement of Australian Stroke Clinical Registry in any publication or presentation of the research project.

If you are considering an AuSCR Research Task Group application, you must initially contact the AuSCR National Coordinator to discuss the process, costs and required documentation. Phone +61 (0)3 9035 7264 or email: